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Oct 01, 2013· Nercon has engineered and manufactured ambient cooling conveyors, refrigerated cooling conveyors and cooling tunnels for baked goods and health and beauty manufacturers.

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The SPG Dry Cooling Air Cooled Condenser features long-term mechanical and thermal integrity, excellent corrosion and freeze resistance, low fan power consumption, reliable operation and low maintenance. An Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) is made of modules arranged in parallel rows. Each module contains a number of fin tube bundles.

Cooling Conveyors

Cooling & Drying Conveyor significantly increases efficiencies in die casting. It eliminates mist in cooling hot die castings, and it replaces water quench and reduces cool down time. It's designed to interface with existing conveyor systems and is custom engineered from standard components.

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C. Chilled air cooling. Chilled air cooling is an excellent choice when parts need to be thoroughly cooled. Standard chilled air cooling units include a blower and coils mounted in an enclosure over the conveyor belt. Chilled water is provided by the customer's chiller or tower. Cooling chambers can be placed on flat or incline conveyors.

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Cryo-Jet, air cooled, cooling tunnel. Temperatures and number of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 30½" wide x 3¼" high aperture, (1) 100" long cooling chamber with 24" wide x 142" long Neoprene conveyor belt.

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Cryo-Jet, air cooled, cooling tunnel. Temperatures and number of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 30½" wide x 3¼" high aperture, (1) 100" long cooling chamber with 24" wide x 142" long Neoprene conveyor belt.

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Chilled Air Cooling Conveyors. Aci 207 2005. Blowing chilled air through the cool and damp aggregate in the bins will further lower its temperature,.And the need for flexibility over the expected duration of the concrete cooling operations.Chilled water as low as 37 f …

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Air Products offers a selection of cooling conveyors backed by our expertise to maximise the performance of customers grinding system. Freshline ® Inline Ingredient Chilling Solution This in-line system accurately and reliably chills down your dry ingredients during their transfer to the storage or the processing area.

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Food processing equipment manufacturer FooDesign, a tna company, has launched the cryo-jet 5 ambient and chilled air cooling system. Using patented ambient air impingement technology, the cryo-jet 5 cools food products up to 10 times faster than systems based on forced convection or natural convection cooling, significantly reducing pre-packaging and pre-freezing cooling times and maintaining

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Optional cooling fans and fan brackets, mounted under the conveyor belt, are available to assist in the cooling process. E-PAK's Cooling Conveyors are commonly used in conjunction with E-PAK's Molten Product Fillers, Pre-Heaters, Re-Melt Stations, and …

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Multi-level Accumulation For Packaging. Accumulation Conveyor gone wild. This custom accumulation system features 3 layers of conveyors, special cooling belt allows air flow through the entire system."Long Lines" s are running in opposite directions creating a perfect solution for a lot of accumulation in a small amount of real estate.

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Chilled air cooling is an excellent choice when parts need to be thoroughly cooled. Hybrid / Air Knife Part Cooling. ... Water cooling conveyors are an excellent way to cool thick-walled parts as they are being transferred to another conveyor or work station. Phone: 216-535-4848

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Cooling and Drying Conveyors When hot parts need cooling or wet parts need drying, you need an experienced partner. Titan Conveyors TM can provide a solution. Typical applications are in foundry and forge operations where components at several thousand degrees Fahrenheit need to be conveyed carefully as they cool.

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The cooling and freezing conveyors with endless steel belts are employed in the production of food. The care put into the design of the key components, such as the tension terminal and the belt tracking device, makes these machines particularly suitable to work in quite severe conditions with temperatures varying from – 60°C to + 100°c and with an efficiency close to , producing 24 ...

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May 19, 2011· C-Trak offer a range of conveyors suitable for cold storage and chillers. This application is a #Slow moving #chiller #conveyor on a blue modular belt for more information please visit our website ...

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Forged under harsh conditions around the world, Daikin water cooled chillers provide high quality, operation efficiency, and energy savings. Various applications are possible including air conditioning applications, industry-type process cooling, and large-scale district heat source systems.

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We incorporate various types of fans, chillers, air knives, quench tanks and sensor technologies to provide the precise control you need in your cooling application. In addition, we can insulate the conveyor system to control the cooling process temperature while potentially saving energy as well.

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The Frazer-Nash Manufacturing range of hygienic stainless-steel conveyors includes cooling and drying tunnels. Designed for performance, hygiene, and ease of assembly; our machines offer many customizable features. Our TurboFlow Tunnel is designed for maximum removal of heat and moisture. Its uniformly distributed impingement air-jets penetrate the warm and moist air …

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Mar 03, 2015· Just as the cold water tank holds the chilled water that leaves the water chilling plant the ice storage bin houses the completed flake ice. It is crucial that the ice storage bin be well-insulated and many are thus double-walled. Some systems also include an air-cooling unit designed to keep air temperatures low and prevent the ice from melting.

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National Chiller water-cooled chiller can be used for offering cool water of air conditioning system and integrating with terminal Industrial unit such as Plastics Industrial and combined Process Chiller to constitute various Industrial Chilling system. ... Chiller to buy low-temperature air conditioner. 1.4 Introduction of Structure .

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Spiral Freezing uses a conveyor belt to move the products to be frozen into a cold enclosure and blasted by the cold air. Due to its helical rotating, the food can be exposed to the chilled air for a longer period of time compared to the tunnel cooling.

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Features: Belt conveyors are widely used by many industrial sectors for logistics and transport machinery. Due to the wide variety of belt conveyors, the specifications are wide and can be applied to the requirements of chemical industry, light industry, food, grain, building materials, post and telecommunications and many other departments.


The PA standard flat conveyor equipped with an additional tunnel and a combination of chiller and air/water heat exchanger from Pfannenberg. The Solution With the goal of introducing a cooling component into the conveyor belt path, Conveyors had already created a small tunnel and first experimented the lower impact solution: cooling with ...

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A chilled air cooling conveyor such as this is an excellent, cost effective choice for shops that use a large number of cooling conveyors. Chilled air from a central chiller is blown into enclosed channels which double as side rails. Perforations allow the air to flow into a polycarbonate enclosed cooling …

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Chilled Air Cooling Unit. The Dynamic Conveyor DynaCon chilled air cooling unit is a portable spot air cooling unit that provides rapid cooling to parts. The chilled air has an operating range from 70-115 degrees F and chills air up to 25 degrees below room temperature. The unit comes with an electronic thermostat and features a 5 gallon ...

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It is engineered to dramatically reduce compressed air usage while entraining ambient air at a ratio of 40:1. Noise levels are greatly reduced when compared to other blowoffs. The Super Air Knife offers a more efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors.

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Jul 22, 2017· Cooling capacity of a chiller, what we need to know. Let look at how to calculate the cooling capacity. We'll first look at how to calculate in metric units and then imperial. Metric units: The water flow rate of chilled water into the evaporator is 0.0995m3/s, the inlet temperature is 12*c and the outlet temperature is 6*c.